Want to start your spiritual journey or grow in your faith?

Newcomers’ Orientation

Goal: To introduce you to some of the people of the church along with our values and vision.  It’s a quick way to feel like you belong to us—and find out what we’re about.

Class 101

Goal: To lead people to Christ and membership at Richmond Hill Community Church. In Class 101 we discuss the basics of the Christian faith: Salvation by trust in Jesus, becoming part of a church family, and beginning to find God’s purpose in your life. The purposes of the church are explained. At the end of the class, you are invited to join with us in our efforts to serve God and the body of Christ by becoming a member of our local church.

Class 201

Goal: To grow people with the skills they need for ministry. Class 201 is the next step on the road to spiritual maturity. The focus is on helping to lay the foundations of a growing relationship with the God by spending time with him in personal devotions. We teach the importance of setting time aside each day for reading the Bible, praying, worship and praise. We encourage you to establish the habit of giving to the work of the church and participating in fellowship with other believers.

Class 301

Goal: To equip people with the skills they need for ministry. Class 301 is a course designed to help you examine your life in a way that will reveal your unique makeup and how God intends to use you in a ministry that best expresses the way he made you. We believe God has given each believer gifts and abilities in serving him and others in the church family. We show you how your gifts, passions and personal style are blended in you and help you find possible ministry positions that will allow you to do the very thing that you’ll love most passionately in service to God and the body of Christ.

Class 401

Goal: To enlist people to local evangelism and our worldwide mission of sharing Christ. Class 401 is designed to help you to learn how to share your faith with others and discover God’s mission for your life. You’ll become more aware of the many opportunities you have to talk to others about Jesus Christ and encourage you to become more involved in the active spreading of the Gospel.