A Place to Connect

Life isn’t meant to be lived alone. Connect with others through family groups, ministries, events, and more.

Family groups are a safe place where authentic relationships are built; a place to gather, not just study together and know each other, but to also enjoy life together outside of group study. A place where people share life in good times and bad, as friends in Christ, providing each other with encouragement, strength, confidence and joy.

A Place to Grow

This is the place where authentic relationships, spiritual transformation, service and missions are developed in the lives of group members. Group life provides you with the vital connections necessary for your spiritual journey.

A Place to Share

Group life is where spiritual transformation happens in the life of each member. Members are transformed as they apply Biblical truths to their lives through prayer, life-changing lessons, discussions and accountability.

A Place to Pray

We firmly believe in the power of prayer and offer opportunities for people to follow the teaching of the early church and gather for times of prayer. An active prayer team is available to receive and offer up prayer.

A Place to Serve

Every member is a minister! Each of us is shaped to serve. Life groups encourage service opportunities in the church and in the community. Serving together builds up the body of Christ and enhances personal growth as a follower of Christ. Having a missions-oriented mindset is crucial in a life group. Inviting new people into your group, reaching for your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors for Christ are ways to fulfill the mission of group Life.