Current Series

Mindful Moments (on Mondays) with Cindy Mosey

This class is based on the verse in Philippians 4: 1 that says “Keep your relationship with the Lord FIRM”. As a participant, you are invited to learn, practice, and personally apply the principles of Mindfulness, in a Christian setting.  Each topic will be routed in Scripture and will be consistent with the teaching and actions of Jesus along with the exhortations of the Epistles. There is a definite “how to” approach so that participants can experience Mindfulness through exercises and take-away instructions. There will be some opportunity for personal sharing for the purpose of illustration and example, but it is NOT a support group or a therapy group.

Come with a spirit of openness.

When and Where: Monday evenings except for stat holidays. Hard start of 7pm. , so aim for 6:45 is punctuality is an issue.  We meet for 75 minutes in the back room at the Ministry Centre (55 Newkirk Road).  High school age and up are welcome.

Check our church calendar to confirm upcoming dates.

Previous Topics

ALPHA ... An introduction to the Christian Faith … looking at the foundational questions of the Christian faith

Experiencing God (Henry Blackaby) …  finding out where God is at work and joining Him

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (Peter Scazzero) … the biblical integration of emotional health

EPIC (John Eldredge) … understanding the history of God’s world like never before

In-depth Bible Studies ... on key events in Christian History including:
The Jerusalem Council,
 The Martyrs Tradition,
 The Reformation